Claiming Land

All the information you could need about claiming land and protecting your builds.

What does claiming land do?

Claiming land allows you to create an area where other players cannot build or interact with your containers. You can add people to your claim, allowing them to build with you, or restrict other players access.

How do I make a claim?

Option 1: Using a golden shovel (you can get one from /kit claim), click on the corner of your claim. You will then be prompted to click on the opposite corner of your claim. Congratulations, you have made a new claim!

Option 2: You can stand in the centre of your claim area and do /claim. This will create a small claim around you.

How do I expand my claim?

Option 1: Using your golden shovel, click on the corner of your claim. You will be prompted to click on the new corner of your claim, expanding it.

Option 2: Standing in your claim, you can look in the direction you would like the claim expanding, and do /expandclaim <amount>. This will expand your claim by the amount of blocks in the direction you are looking in.

How do I invite friends to my claim?

When you would like to add someone to your claim, you can do /trust <name>. This will give the user full access to build and access containers in your claim. If you would like to remove this persons access, you can do /untrust <name>.

A full list of commands around land claiming:

  • trust <name> - trusts the user in your claim, giving access to build or use containers

  • containertrust <name> - gives the user access to containers in your claim

  • subdivideclaim - creates a new claim inside your claim, allowing different trust levels

  • abandonclaim - abandons the claim you are currently stood in

  • banfromclaim <name> - bans the user from entering your claim

  • kickfromclaim <name> - kicks the user from your claim

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