Fishing Totem

Fishing Totem

How do I get a Fishing Totem?

It is easy to obtain a Fishing Totem. You need to build a multiblock structure and provide a set amount of items. The direction of the stairs do not matter and can face any direction along as they are in the correct place.

You will require Fishing Level 20 to activate the Totem. You can check this in /fish stats

What items do I need?

Blocks required:

  • 2 x Observers

  • 1 x Green Glazed Terracotta

  • 1 x Orange Glazed Terracotta

  • 1 x Anvil

  • 4 x Spruce Stairs

  • 1 x Daylight Detector

Special Items required:

  • 16 x Dolphin Tail

  • 16 x Crab Claw

  • 16 x Crab Scale

  • 16 x Squid Tentacle

  • 6 x Any Platinum Fish

How do I activate the Fishing Totem?

Once you have the items above, and the required level. You need to build the multiblock structure. You can find a guide in /fish menu or use the picture above as a reference.

Once you have built the Fishing Totem, using a Fishing Rod, hit the bottom observer and it should activate, or give an error messaging depending on what you are missing.

I have activated my Totem, so what does it do?

The Fishing Totem provides many different benefits to the user. However, some of these require Entropy to upgrade and others require a high Fishing Level. I have broken these into three sections:

Totem Upgrades

The Fishing Totem has three main upgrades that cost Entropy. They are listed below. (Note: the cost to upgrade is the previous cost plus a set amount. This amount is listed below). The maximum column is what you can expect if you level up an upgrade to its maximum level.


Initial Cost

Extra Cost


What it does




30 blocks

This extends the radius that you can stand inside to get the buffs.




30 mins

This lowers the initial cooldown from 60 minutes.

Active Time



30 mins

This extends the time the totem buffs are active for.

Passive Slots

Passive slots are very important as you need these to activate totem passives. You can have a maximum of 18 passive slots at max level; allowing you to activate a multitude of passives. To obtain a new passive slot, you require either:


Amount Per Level

Platinum Fish


Mythical Fish


Please note that after every passive slot you upgrade, the cost will stack.

You cannot mix and match fish, e.g. 1 Mythical and 14 Platinum. They must be of the same type to work.

Totem Passives

Passives are separate from upgrades and don't require Entropy to upgrade or use. They instead require different Fishing Levels and passive slots to activate. Below is a list of passives, the required level, passive slot cost and what it does.

For the passive effects to work, you MUST stand inside the green circle. It is perfectly fine to cast your rod outside of this circle, but the player must be inside it.

Passives can be toggled on or off even while the Totem is active, allowing you to hot-swap passives at will. You can only have as many passives active, as you do passive slots at any one time.




What does it do?

Experienced Fisherman



This increases experienced gained from fishing by 1.5x while the totem is active

Little Critters



This increases the drop chance of crab goods whenever you kill a crab in the radius of your totem

Fish Schools



Increases the chance of Hot Spot and Call of the Storm activating by 35%

Random Drops



This gives you a chance to get other fishing loot such as squid tentacles or dolphin tails from killing crabs

Treasure Hunter



This gives you a 1% chance of finding rare items while fishing

Mythical Waters



Whenever you catch a fish this has a 20% chance to upgrade it to a higher rarity

Entropy Hoarder



This increases entropy you get from fishing by 1.25x

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