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What are skills?

Within PyroFishingPro, there are currently 10 different skills that you can upgrade that will benefit different areas of the plugin as you upgrade them.

To upgrade skills, you require Skill Points. You earn one Skill Point every time you level up in PyroFishing.

To access the skills menu in game - type /fish skills, or click on the icon in the main menu.

Types of Skills

There are currently two different types of skills, and each have different impacts, and leveling up features attached to them.

Upgradable Skills

There are currently 4 Upgradable Skills.

  • Better Gutting

  • Luck of the Catch

  • Master Augmenter

  • Totem Leader

These cost one point to upgrade each time and give dimenishing returns based on how many points you spend on that skill.

One Time Purchase Skills

These skills act as 'passive' effects rather then a skill. These cost a flat amount of Skill points to purchase. After you have purchased it, that skill is forever active for you.

However, these skills scale with your Fishing Level. This means that the higher Fishing Level you are - the better these skills will preform.

To maximise on these skills - try leveling up as much as you can.

The 4 Passive Skills are.

  • Divine Judgement - 15 skill points

  • Tribal Shout - 15 skill points

  • Combo Catcher - 15 skill points

  • Augment Infusion - 15 skill points

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