๐Ÿ“œServer Rules

Below you will find all of the Wavecraft server rules.

Should you find yourself banned for violating these rules, you can submit a ban appeal through our Discord server.

Rule 1 - No Hacking

Mods that give gameplay advantages are banned.

Examples of banned mods:

  • Xray, Fly/Speed Hacks;

  • Auto build;

  • Kill Aura;

  • Others at the discretion of server staff.

Examples of allowed mods:

  • Surface only minimaps;

  • Optifine, Shaders & Resource Packs.

Rule 2 - No Griefing

Our definition of Griefing:

  • Stealing from player owned chests without permission;

  • Damaging another players build without permission;

  • Killing animals that are owned by another player.

Please note all block breaks are logged.

Rule 3 - Have Manners

Be respectful whilst using chat and in private.

  • Inappropriate messages will not be tolerated;

  • Harassment in any form will not be tolerated.

Respect boundaries.

  • If a player asks you to leave, please leave;

  • Do not build within 100 blocks of another claim or build.

Rule 4 - Donโ€™t Annoy Players

What we mean by donโ€™t annoy players:

  • Please do not spam teleport requests;

  • Please do not troll players;

  • Please do not beg for resources;

  • Please do not character spam;

  • Please do not spam your adverts.

Rule 5 - Donโ€™t Lag The Server

Big redstone builds and machines cause lag.

  • Please do not entity cram;

  • Please do not build deliberate lag machines;

  • Please do not spam armour stands and item frames in a chunk;

  • Please do not build excessive redstone builds.

Advice is available from server staff, so please ask if youโ€™re unsure!

This list of rules is not exhaustive, and the staff of Wavecraft reserve the right to modify this list of rules at any time.

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