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Everything to do with fishing deliveries.

How do you earn deliveries?

You can earn a new delivery every 80 custom fish that you catch. Once you catch enough fish, a message will appear in chat alerting you to your new delivery.

How do deliveries work?

You hand in the fish, and collect the reward. I will break it down into further steps below:

  1. Get a delivery by catching 80 custom fish.

  2. Catch, trade, buy or obtain the fish needed for the delivery by some means.

  3. Click on the delivery to start it. This will consume the fish and remove them from your inventory.

  4. Wait until the timer has finished.

  5. Collect your reward by clicking on the icon in the delivery menu.


There are five distinctive upgrades that aid you when completing and earning deliveries. They will be outlined below:


Increase Capacity

Increases the amount of deliveries you can hold at one time.


Reduces the time taken to deliver all of the deliveries.

Expert Deliverer

Reduces the fish needed for deliveries.

Pay Rise

Increases the entropy reward from completing deliveries.

Lucky Charm

Reduces the amount of fish needed to earn a new delivery.

It is advised to upgrade Lucky Charm and Increase Capacity first to maximise the amount of deliveries that you can earn.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get to keep the fish after the delivery is completed?

No, you do not get to keep the fish after the delivery. There would be no point in this system if you did this.

Do I need inventory space?

Yes. It is advised to have inventory space before attempting to claim any delivery.

Do I get the reward and the entropy reward?

Yes. You get both rewards.

Do I have to hand in all of the fish at the beginning of the delivery?

Yes, you have to have all the fish required before starting a delivery.

Can I get rid of a delivery?

You can currently delete all deliveries that aren't mythical. You can do this by middle clicking them in the delivery menu, or by typing /fish removedelivery <slot>. Slots start at 1 and count until 15.

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