Subdividing Claims

How to subdivide your claims

Subdividing your claim offers various advantages, such as allowing different individuals or groups to build within specific areas of your claim while safeguarding the rest of the claim.

To subdivide your claim, you'll need a claim and a golden shovel.

Subdividing the claim is a straightforward process.

To begin, equip the golden shovel and enter subdivision mode by using the /subdivideclaim command.

Next, right-click with the shovel at one corner of the desired subdivision area and then again at the opposite corner, essentially creating a new claim around it. It's important to note that subdividing a claim does not consume additional claim blocks.

The subdivision area will be outlined with wool and iron blocks.

You can repeat this process as many times as you desire, with subdivisions being adjustable in size to your preference.

Once the area is subdivided, you can trust other individuals within it using commands such as /trust, /accesstrust, /containertrust, and /permissiontrust, as if you were granting them access in a complete claim.

If you trust someone within a subdivision, their building and container access will be limited to that particular subdivision. Trusting someone outside the subdivision allows them to build everywhere except within the subdivisions.

To remove a subdivision, stand inside the subclaim and utilize the /abandonclaim command as you normally would. It's important to note that you can't remove the larger main claim when it's subdivided using the /abandonclaim command. If you wish to delete the main claim in this scenario, the command changes to /abandontoplevelclaim, which deletes the main claim along with all its subdivisions.

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